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Forethought in Action - A list of the papers and workshops presented by Forethought, as well as upcoming presentations...
Forethought has worked with a wide range of both nonprofit and public sector organizations engaged in delivering out-of-school hours programming...
Forethought offers a comprehensive range of services to parks & recreation districts...
Forethought offers a comprehensive range of services to collaborative initiatives, specializing in joint public/private partnerships...
While Forethought often handles planning and assessment as stand-alone projects, the company maintains the vision of the two parts as a strategic whole.

Our vision... your course of action.

  • Think of your organizational planning and assessment efforts as a journey...
  • The organizational assessment tells you where you are on the map.
  • The environmental scan identifies the topography and gives you information to map out the best route.
  • The strategic planning selects the destination and identifies the desire route.
  • The management and program reviews provide the mid-course corrections.
  • The evaluation tells you how well you navigated the route.
  • Partnerships provide you the support of a convoy.
  • The training and technical assistance are the tune-ups.
  • Board development is the driver training.

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